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[audio]m_z_ - wishoo wehee - m_z_
Audio file available only from 17th April to 17th May of each year, and on each 29th February.
Keywords: shitcore
Downloads: 6
[audio]Massive Ejaculation. Blackpool Mayor is gayshite - Monopolka
release by Blackpool Shitcore Depixol
Keywords: gayshite shitcore
Downloads: 98
[audio]50 Ways To Kill Me's half of 4 way split with Phone Fuck, Penis Asylum, & Movie Mania - www.jaydecay.com
This is 50 Ways To Kill Me's half of 4 way split with Phone Fuck, Penis Asylum, & Movie Mania. The release is called "Media-Core as Fuck" for more information on this band check out www.50waystokillme.com
Keywords: garbage; shitcore
Downloads: 264
[audio]1000_plus_04TheMilkman - The Milkman
20 tracks of extratone/shitcore insanity from The Milkman of the UK ! Uploaded just in time for a late Xmas treat ! Enjoy
Keywords: extratone; shitcore
Downloads: 375
[audio]Трупосжигательная печь - Metal is gay (2014) - Трупосжигательная печь
1. black metal is gay 2. power metal is gay 3. death metal is gay 4. heavy metal is gay 5. thrash metal is gay 6. gothic metal is gay
Keywords: cybergrind; shitcore
Downloads: 26
[audio]Easy Chewing
Remix of NXFXTXEX track "Easy Chewing."
Keywords: noise; shitcore
Downloads: 32
[texts]Lithuanian Hazard - Kenny Glenn is My Hero - Lithuanian Hazard
Noise/Speedcore from the legend himself, Lithuanian Hazard
Keywords: noise; speedcore; shitcore
Downloads: 44
[audio]M.D.A. - M.D.A.
http://www.last.fm/music/M.D.A. http://www.ronfrecords.com/releases/rof017.php
Keywords: Noisecore; Shitcore; Crapcore
Downloads: 9
[audio]50 Ways To Kill Me's half of split with TOxDIE - www.jaydecay.com
This file is a zip file of 50 Ways To Kill Me's half of their split with the band To-Die. For more information on this band check out www.50waystokillme.com
Keywords: crust; grindcore; cybergrind; shitcore
Downloads: 273
[audio]Merry Chroistmas - Dirty Sanchez
exe120 of spam bot boi
Keywords: shitcore; koprokult2000; ratai
Downloads: 952
Keywords: NoiseCore; ShitCore; GrindCore; Russia
Downloads: 8
[audio]Shit Filth "Shit Scum"

Keywords: shitnoise; shitcore; 88
Downloads: 371
[audio]Thief Pal - Thief Pal
Keywords: Noisecore; Shitcore; Noise
Downloads: 8
[audio]Shitcore Titans Split - Dirty Sanchez -vs- Mafia vs Ninja -vs- Political Necroshemalebob -vs- Battlefield Gorezum
go away!
Keywords: koprokult2000; shitcore
Downloads: 68,542 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]PICHISMO "Sama Merdo" (live 7/01/2011 @ Shitcore Fest, XI20, Vilnius, LITHUANIA) - Gleb Maltsev
Blasting & weird shitcore karaoke madness in Esperanto.
Keywords: shitcore; lithuania; esperanto; weird
Downloads: 21
[audio]DEMO - Dirty Sanchez
Keywords: shitcore; koprokult2000; shitnoise
Downloads: 1,490
[audio]The Essential Buttsecks Collection - Motion picture trumpets home bargain value collection
Hitlerbuttsecks, once a great maker of music an multi-millionaire is now dead from an overdose of cock and morphine...But you can help his spirit live on and avoid the flames of hell by downloading this wonderfully crafted collection of his music and home videos. 10 installments of $99.99 to be paid over 6 months or risk having your home invaded by council trashing dole-dossers who can and will rape your mother...
Keywords: shitcore; hitlerbuttsecks; shitnoiseuk; wreckfart
Downloads: 40
[audio]50 Ways To Kill Me's part of 5 way split - www.jaydecay.com
This file is 50 Ways To Kill Me's part of the 5 way split with Petualangan Sherina, Ultrabused Orifice, Haemorr Drench, & Imbibing Bile. This release is called "5 way fuck" for more information on this band be sure to check out www.50waystokillme.com
Keywords: crust; grindcore; cybergrind; shitcore
Downloads: 235
[audio]Anal Serpukhov - Jesus-Destroyer supercunt [EP] (2012) - Anal Serpukhov
Боговосхваляющий Ep "Jesus-Destroyer supercunt", записанный группой "Anal serpukhov". Данный продукт был одобрен РПЦ, потому все хэйтеры будут караться анальными пытками. 01. Во Имя Конца Святого Отца(Feat Вика Ионова) Intro 02. Христианская сперма 03...
Keywords: harsh noise; shitcore; noise
Downloads: 25
[audio]Anal Serpukhov - Hate Noise For Life (2012) - Anal Serpukhov
Второй альбом группы "Anal serpukhov", представляющий из себя шумовую порцию стёба над очень разными темами. Вот так, например. 01 - Истерика(intro) 02 - Я Чуть Не Обоссался От Радости, Когда Узнал, Что Сдох Малолетний Пидор - Саша Ларцев(Умер от Рака) 03 - Страх, Менструха Началась 04 - Ректал...
Keywords: harsh noise; shitcore; noise
Downloads: 11
[audio]Shit Reason - "Urp! Demo" - Shit Reason
The only net-only release by shitcore artist Shit Reason. Contact the label for physical releases. this is PNNL050
Keywords: shitcore; spoken word
Downloads: 15
[audio]25 SONGS - nxfxtxex
Keywords: noise; shitcore; preteen
Downloads: 59
[audio]Hackitt Inspirational Words Ft. Dillon Francis [ NSFW] - hackittmusic
Original is herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtwjeQQJjwM&list=UUO8lgagfl3hp_Q1x9HPdfqwFuckcore.
Keywords: speedcore noisecore fuckcore shitcore
Downloads: 11
[image]DEX041 // MANDELBROT SHITSET - mandelbot 5000
?????????????? ????????????? ? ???????????? ? ? ??????????? ? ? ? ?????????? ? ? ? ? ????????? ? ? ? ? ? ???????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???????????????????? ?????? ???????????? ? ????? ? ?????????? ? ? ???? ? ? ???????? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ?????? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? MANDELBROT SHITSET TRIBU4E TO SHITKORAS )_____________________________________________ PROBABLLY TEHH SHITTIEST RELEASE ON DEXX EVAR MADEE BY ONE LITUHANIAN TENAGE BABY BOYY SHITCORE GROUPIE BACK IN SOMEE 1...
Keywords: dex; shitcore; politicalnecroshemalebob; mandelbrot shitset
Downloads: 186
Downloads: 9
[audio]Cum Dripping Sewer Zombie - Farting red Zombie Sperm - Awcobbett
Newest hit sensation in the pop world Cum Dripping Sewer Zombie ever so child friendly music album on lolokaust rekords http://lolokaust.com/rekords/index.html
Keywords: shitcore; harsh; noise; poop; zombies
Downloads: 67
[audio]Lithuanian Hazard_30 - Lithuanian Hazard
Speedcore and stuff from Lithuanian Hazard.
Keywords: lithuanian hazard; noise; speed; shitcore
Downloads: 50
Shitecore anti-music videos
Keywords: shitcore; trashed tapes; iDL-TV
Downloads: 130
[audio]THE STEEL RESERVE - "Steel Brewed!" ep - The Steel Reserve
The final release and last nail into the crap coffin for TSR! 5 pooped out tracks of fagtacular shitcore! This is Punk Noise PNNL037
Keywords: shitcore; shitnoise. beer; malted goodness
Downloads: 11
[movies]PICHISMO "Anarkio En UK" (live 18/10/2012 at XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania)
The russian/lithuanian collaboration of an infamous noise monsters from St.Petersburg and esperantocore guru from Kaunas, screaming a classic anarcho-punk lyrics in Esperanto at the same stage with ACTIVE MINDS on tour.
Keywords: esperanto; noise; shitcore; weird; lithuania
Downloads: 1,448
[audio]Anal Serpukhov - Only hardcore, only shit! [EP] (2013) - Anal Serpukhov
Дамы и господа, этот год обещает быть максимально брутальным потому, что уже сегодня, в первый день 2013-го года, выпущен самый тяжёлый релиз российской хардкор-нойз-грайнд сцены, записанный группой "Anal serpukhov". 01.Anal serpukhov-Хард-рок, сыгранный на волосках члена(Intro) 02.Anal serpukhov-Тру-ха...
Keywords: harsh noise; digital; noisecore; shitcore
Downloads: 33
[audio]Anal Serpukhov - 14/88 [EP] (2013) - Anal Serpukhov
Очередной отмороженный ипишник группы Anal Serpukhov "14/88", являющийся 488-м релизом Popsakal Records. 01.Anal serpukhov-Сталин - гей_ он ебал голубей 02.Anal serpukhov-Мать Славика Шапошникова торгует своим телом на Арийском 03.Anal serpukhov-Лобковые черви совершают дрейф в лобке Анастасии Червяцовой 04.Anal serpukhov-...
Keywords: harsh noise; digital; noisecore; shitcore
Downloads: 14
[audio]Anal Serpukhov - Terrible Force [EP] (2013) - Anal Serpukhov
Ребятки, сегодня, несмотря ни на что, на свет вышел новый Ep группы "Anal serpukhov". "Terrible Force" - это то, в чём нуждается каждый уважающий себя онанист, нойзер и прочее зверьё. 01.Anal serpukhov-Для всех влюблённых (Intro) 02.Anal serpukhov-Каждая калека мечтает отсосать у полноценного человека 03.Anal serpukhov-...
Keywords: harsh noise; digital; noisecore; shitcore
Downloads: 36
[audio]Anal Serpukhov - Hell of shitcore sounds (2012) - Anal Serpukhov
Первый альбом группы Anal serpukhov, исполненный в стилях: Digital/harsh/Poeben/Steb/Noise/Shitcore. 01 - White Faggot 02 - Аборты - это круто, а рожать - тупо 03 - Все националисты(особенно русские) - отсосники, которые идут 04 - Гуф не умер, он залип 05 - Иди спокойно, но помни то, что Гуф - мудак 06 - М.А.М.А - Мразь, аналь...
Keywords: harsh noise; digital; noisecore; shitcore
Downloads: 29
[audio]Pure Annoyance Radio Vol 2 - V/A
Is it Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi, No-Fi, Hard-Core, ShitCore, NoiseCore, MediaCore, Nocore Pure Annoyance? YES!!!!!!!!!! Contact us @ http://roach.serveftp.com
Keywords: ShitCore, NoiseCore, Annoyance, Noise, Crap
Downloads: 278 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]moralsewer/hellgarbage split - moral sewer/hell garbage
short noise split. exclusive tracks you'll cream your pants to!
Keywords: noise; shit; crap; harsh buggery; noisecore; shitcore
Downloads: 17
[unknown]Maddy Lyon Tracks - Razored
split with anus mush
Keywords: pedocore shitcore noise hentaigrind dumb crap
Downloads: 24
[audio]Peniko Pabiruciai - AxOx
your earholes are rape [awright!!]
Keywords: shitcore; trance; noisecore; noisegrind; dubstep; analinis oratorius
Downloads: 477
[audio]50 Ways To Kill Me's part of 3 way split with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan &The When McGruff Was King - www.JayDecay.com
This is 50 Ways To Kill Me's part of the 3 way split with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & The When McGruff Was King. for more info on 50 ways scope out: www.50waystokillme.com
Keywords: lousy; shitcore; boredcore; bad music; diy
Downloads: 215
[audio]Anal Safyra Rekomenduoja - Anal Safyra
another ugly shitcore release
Keywords: shitcore; noisecore; noisegrind; anal cunt; dexnys
Downloads: 730
[audio]Kablys su pyzda vietoj pirato - DxSxSx
dirty sanchez shitcore relyst bai sam shitcore label
Keywords: shitcore; dsxsxsx; dirty sanchez shit; koprokult2000
Downloads: 377
[audio]SOH-7XL - Sea Of Hate
Sea Of Hate music video for the track "7XL" Two versions 1 mpeg2 without Title 1 Xvid with Title
Keywords: Annoyance; Sea Of Hate; Shitcore; Noise; Crap
Downloads: 26
[audio]Frank Valdor Roppongi Partymix - キュウリのスープ (EP) - Frank Valdor Roppongi Partymix
ã­ã¥ã¦ãªã®ã¹ã¼ã (EP), was released in February 2, 2010 representing Shitcore/Noisecore genre. Itâs the first official record from Frank Valdor Roppongi Partymix. First made to participate in random shit-competition at Lamerfest 2009. As a Shitcore (or noisecore) record done in couple hours @LAN-Parties 4am, this should be listened for your own entertainment. Do not expect any groundbreaking Loli Ripe-ish nasty samples, this is more like a fusion of JAPSHITFUN and Pokémonorgy.
Keywords: shitcore; epic; lolicore; noise; noisecore; shit; roppongi
Downloads: 51
[audio]Zombies Eat Nintendo! - Zombies Eat Brains
ijg lg l kuyfrfdhtf kuh shitcore lk utf kuy
Keywords: shitcore; koprokult2000; zeb; zombies eat wood
Downloads: 559
[audio][AAR00031] Трупосжигательная печь - Убей ветерана 9-го мая - Psychic Terror
Artist: Трупосжигательная печь Release: Убей ветерана 9-го мая Genre: Raw Black Metal, Shitcore, Organ Format: MP3(145kbps)
Keywords: AAR; Raw Black Metal; Shitcore; Organ
Downloads: 14
[audio]Hitlerbuttsecks & Cactus Smasher present ethan has a small dick - Hitlerbuttsecks and Cactus Smasher
An Album Deticated to Ethan and his micropenis
Keywords: hitlerbuttsecks; cactus; smasher; shitcore; ethan; stan
Downloads: 34
Keywords: shitcore; political; discount bilderburgers; illuminati; bohemian grove
Downloads: 313 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Buttsex Christmas - Zombies Eat Brains vs. TYSTCOABTH
Zombies Eat Brains / Tell Your Sister To Come Over And Bring That Hypnotic
Keywords: shitcore; tardcore; shitpunk; acoustic; acapella; metal
Downloads: 711
[audio]system32pisserror - shotakonata
little sweet track for little sweet girls. true shitcore by shotakonata!!!
Keywords: shitcore shotakonata mashup vegan anarchist fuck nazis
Downloads: 34
[audio][AAR00032] Трупосжигательная печь - NSWP Pure White Hate - Psychic Terror
Artist: Трупосжигательная печь Release: NSWP Pure White Hate Genre: Raw Black Metal , Shitcore , Horror Synth Format: MP3
Keywords: AAR; Raw Black Metal; Shitcore; Horror Synth
Downloads: 11
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